Welcome to the MODERN AMERICAN SCHOOL Admissions page.

What You Can Expect At The Modern American School

  • Students will be able to read, write and speak fluently in English and Arabic.
  • The student body numbers approximately 900 of whom there are 38 non-Arab nationalities.
  • The schools high salary scale attracts staff of the highest caliber in Jordan.
  • We currently employ approximately 200 non-Arab and Arab staff.
  • All last years graduates were enrolled in universities in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Jordan and worldwide.

The Modern American School is proud to be associated with the American International Schools worldwide network.

This ensures the smooth transition of our students within the American & International School Community. Most of Modern American School graduates attend some of the most reputable universities in the U.S.A., U.K., Canada, Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

Many of our students receive academic scholarships and are very successful in their chosen fields.


The school is accredited by the  North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI).

This is an impressive achievement, since (NCA CASI) is an alliance of the largest American accrediting associations.

As of now, our graduate students will have their diplomas notarized at Amid east (of the US Embassy) and at the Jordanian Ministry of Education. The certification assures international schools and universities world-wide that MAS maintains exemplary standards. This will facilitate students university applications and acceptances, and for those students transferring from MAS to schools in Jordan or outside.

  • Admission policy
  • Admission & Registration


The International Office serves as a coordinating link between the Modern American School and the outside world. It maintains contact and follow-up with international educational institutions and accreditation recruiting agencies such as AdvancED (NCA CASI), CIS, ISS, and others. We provide annual statistical surveys data, update the school's profile for the International Schools' Directory, and keep track of membership dues and related issues.

Admission policy

In line with MASs non-discriminatory policy, admission is contingent upon the school program being suitable to the applicant. Admission criteria does not include factors such as race, nationality, religion, or gender.

Prior to admission, students and parents are provided with explanatory documents, verbal orientation on the available programs, and a tour of the schools facilities.

Children entering pre-kindergarten (pre-school) must have reached their third birthday by September of that school year.

Applicants and parents are advised that the schools programs are not designed to meet the needs of students with severe mental, emotional, physical, or learning disabilities. However, the school has a special needs center for students with minor to moderate learning disabilities. There is no boarding facility.

The academic achievement, effort, and behavior of all students is continuously monitored to ensure that only those students who demonstrate being serious about their studies remain in school.


The school operates on a two-term basis divided by a mid-year holiday in December/January. Each academic year runs from the end of August till mid June. As it is in Jordan, weekends are Fridays and Saturdays. The school week begins on Sunday and ends on Thursday. Saturdays are utilized for extracurricular activities and community service.

Preliminary registration and booking of seats is advisable prior to each term or school year.

Registration contact: Director of Admissions Ms. Rumiana Nuseibeh 

If the school informs me of my son/ daughter's acceptance at MAS, I guarantee to pay the academic year's tuition in full, and according to scheduled payments that have been agreed upon. I realize that the school's registration tuition is for the whole academic year, and fees cannot be refunded. Fees are to be paid for the whole year unless enrolled only for the second term, in which case the responsibility is only for that period. Modern American School's administration reserves the right to terminate the enrollment of any student at any time during the academic year if, in its judgment, the student's academic or disciplinary record, or conduct on or off campus, is detrimental to the welfare of other students, or is not in keeping with the school's standards.

In this case, the school's administration is not responsible for refunding the remaining tuition, and any unpaid balance will be due and payable immediately in full.

For any false information provided, the school reserves the right to terminate this agreement.

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Fax: (00962-6 5816-860)
Tel: (00962-6 5862779; 5863463; 5810027; 5862779)

To register online please complete our Registration Form here

Actual booking of seats online requires an initial payment of JD 1000 or US$ 1400 to be deposited into the school's account as shown below.

A/C 61166-2/100   -     JORDAN DINARS
A/C 0119-61166-2/510   -   US $


Upon arrival to Jordan student's will be interviewed in person by the Admission Director and asked to sit for an academic assessment.

Registration Procedures

  • Interview:

Once the Administration receives an application, an interview and assessment test(s) will be arranged at a convenient time. Students applying outside Jordan should contact the School upon arrival.

  • Admission Testing Policy:

All students are requested to undertake evaluations to ensure the smooth transition of students joining the school to our programs.

Kg and 1st grade requirements:

  • Grade Pre-Kg - Child must be three (3) years old.
  • Grade Kg1 - Child must be four (4) years old.
  • Grade Kg2 - Child must be five (5) years old.
  • Grade 1 - Child must be six (6) years old.

Non-Jordanian students are admitted to school at the same age as in their own countries

The school year start as follows:

Grade ( 1 - 12 ) start Tuesday 09/2012
K G. 1 & Pre School Tuesday 09/2012
K G.2 start Sunday 09/2012

Second Semester for Academic Year starts as follows: Grade ( 1 - 12 ) start

Grade ( 1- 12 ) start Tuesday 5/02/2013
K G. 1 & Pre School Tuesday 5/02/2013
K G.2 start Tuesday 5/02/2013

Certification of Transfer Documents

The documents of students transferring from Arab + other countries ( Europe + Canada ) should be legalized and certified by:

  • The Jordanian Embassy in that country.
  • The Ministry of Education (Examination Dept.): Tel. 5627280/79 (Amman).
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Private Education Directorate (to obtain mark equivalence).

All official transcripts of students transferring from the United States should be certified by:

  • AMIDEAST: Tel. 5810930 (Amman).
  • Ministry of Education Directorate (to obtain mark equivalence): Tel.4639310/1.

All official transcripts of students transferring from the U.K should be certified by:

  • The British Council: Amman Tel. 4636147.
  • Ministry of Education (Examination Dept.): Tel. 5627280/79.
  • Private Education Directorate (to obtain mark equivalence).

● Students transferring from inside Jordan:

  • Students transferring from Government/ public schools:
    • Junior School certificates should be signed and stamped by the previous school.
    • Senior School certificates should be certified by the Directorate to which the school belongs.
  • Students transferring from private schools:
    • Documents (certificates + transfer certificates) should be certified by the Directorate of Private Education.

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